2011A : Appel d’offre OPTICON - CALL FOR PROPOSALS OPTICON ( english )

OPTICON (EC- FP7) supported Observing time in 2011A

Update : the OPTICON call for proposal is now closed.

TBL received 4 proposals totalling 16 nights, while offering only 7.

Dear Colleague
You are receiving this message since according to my information you have in the past applied for observing time supported by the EC’s FP6 or FP7 trans-national access programmes organised by OPTICON or you have helped to publicise them in the past. I am writing to tell you that the call for the 2011A semester is now open with a closing date of 1 September 2010. You can see the details at
The call is similar to the one in 2010B with a single committee to allocate EC supported time across the entire OPTICON network.
All observations at TBL are carried out in service mode, hence no travel support from OPTICON will be granted.
Applications for observing during 2011A will be made via a web-based proposal tool based on the NORTHSTAR system. This call will close on 1 September 2010 at noon UT. Proposals will be ranked by scientific merit and the ranked list will be allocated based on scientific merit and operational constraints (including the available budget). As in the past, proposers supported under the scheme will be granted funds to travel to the telescopes to take up their observing time. The normal rules regarding nationality of the proposal teams will still apply. These rules can be found via the OPTICON pages.
Note that INSU have policies which allow non-national users to apply TBL/OHP via the French TACs under conventional agreements. You are of course welcome to use these opportunities if you wish. However please note that (except for the special case of La Silla) proposals via such national TACs will be treated according to the appropriate national rules but will not qualify for OPTICON support.
Please share this information with your colleagues.
Thank you and good luck.
John Davies
OPTICON Project Scientist
Rémi Cabanac
TBL Director

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